Spriited Connections

Online learning doesn’t mean you will be alone behind a keyboard. Of course, Bethel College’s online courses are just as rigorous as traditional on-campus offerings, but they are also designed to build connections with your classmates and instructors. You will be asked to complete weekly assignments, and participate in weekly discussions. Through the process, ideas are tested. Debates are spirited. Connections are made.

So what does an online course actually look like? Each course has its own website. Each week, new information is presented. Sometimes these presentations will be available online as text, a short video lecture, audio, power point, or other similar means. Other times, you may be asked to read a selection from an assigned textbook.

Once you have the information, the real work begins – interaction. The instructor will post a question in a discussion forum and you will be required to respond to the initial question as well as respond to others in the class. The interaction gives you the opportunity to absorb and apply the new information. Participation in these discussions is vital to online learning. Remember, the course website is your classroom.

Online courses are not the same as correspondence courses. You will be required to login several times over the course of a weekly session to complete assigned lectures, textbook reading, and other assignments. Plan to spend up to 15 hours each week completing assignments and participating in discussions.

You can get a taste of what the online learning experience is like here.


  • Recommended at least 3GB / Minimum 2GB
  • Recommended at least 200 Gig Hard Drive / Minimum 100 Gig Hard Drive
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • Internal Wireless Card
  • Printer
  • Flash Drive at least 4GB


  • Microsoft Office*
  • Windows 7*
  • Anti-Virus software – Microsoft Security Essentials free

*Available at the Bethel Bookstore


All computers connecting to Bethel’s network must have:

  • Current Antivirus
  • All Critical and Security updates
  • Be free of Viruses and Spyware